We provide Home Healthcare Services twenty four hours, seven days a week to address the everyday needs of the elderly, dependent and disabled.
Our aim is to contribute to a better quality of life for individuals and families. We assess and diagnose each client's situation to better serve his or her specific concerns.
Our clients: the elderly as well as people who are dependent, disabled, convalescing or in need of assistance in their daily activities.
Specialised team in social and health care, guided by ethics and professionalism, made up of specialised and registered professionals, including social workers, psychologists, caregivers, healthcare assistants, geriatric practitioners, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, medical doctors, assistive technologies experts, nutritionists, osteopaths, acupuncturists and other alternative therapies practitioners. The people we work with are, undoubtedly, our most valuable asset. That is why we promote both initial and on-going training of our staff throughout the duration of their employment.

Our credo is based on values such as humanity, quality, efficiency and compassion.
"A Futuro Feliz em Família-home healthcare was a breath of fresh air and tranquillity. It brought peace to my grandfather's daily activities. It was a great experience which I strongly recommend!"

I have been relying on FFF/Traço de União for over a year and I'm very happy with the people who are taking care of my 91 year-old father. I am especially pleased by their professionalism and the way they look after my father so carefully. The physiotherapist, who also works for the company, is excellent and when he's on holiday his substitute is also very good. I do not have to worry about my father as he's in good hands. This makes it easier for me living in Belgium."
Martina K.-Oeiras
We cooperate with Social Service Teams in several hospitals:
Santa Maria
Santa Marta
Egas Moniz
São Francisco Xavier
Santa Cruz
Fernando Fonseca
Júlio de Matos
Curry Cabral
Pulido Valente
Ortopédico Sant'ana da Parede
among others.

- Social Security Charter and Social Utility Statute
- CASES Accreditation- Cooperativa António Sérgio para a Economia Social
- Best Home Healthcare Service, According to an Aga Khan
Foundation/CEDRU/BCG study (The Boston Consulting Group)


Grupo Traço de União, CRL, which comprises Futuro Feliz em Família – Home Care has a Quality Management System implemented in compliance with the requirements of Social Security and ISO 9001:2008 standard. This Organization is certified by Portuguese Social Security (permit no. 12/2009), and is considered a Charity according to law no. 64/2007 of 14/3 and credential no. 596/12.
Traço de União Group is socially responsible, complying with Standard SA 8000. It supports two of the largest social projects in Portugal, based on a cooperation protocol between the charities CERCI Lisbon and APPACDM of Lisbon, which are non-profit organizations that play a fundamental role in the education and rehabilitation of people with mental disabilities.
5% of the proceeds from the spa treatments of Espaço Essências – day spa and therapies (a preventive health project from Traço de União Group) are given to CERCI Lisbon (www.cercilisboa.org.pt) and APPACDM of Lisbon (http://appacdm-lisboa.pt).

…Because the joy of living knows no age